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Murphy's Blog

La Jolla Bathroom Remodel - Part 3 of 3 - La Jolla Bathroom Remodel

June 10th, 2021
Posted By: Paul Murphy

La Jolla photo

Hi Folks, We're back!

I love my job! Check out this bathroom remodel I did for a client in La Jolla.


La Jolla Bathroom Remodel - Part 2 of 3 - Giving Bathrooms a New Look

March 8th, 2021
Posted By: Paul Murphy

La Jolla photo


Hi Folks, Happy New Year.

One of the funnest things about owning a home or apartment is remodeling it. Yes, you can literally make something old something new.

One of our most requested remodeling options is a Tub To Shower conversion. What this is is a removal of your existing tub and replacement with a floor tile and shower. This makes for a great space saving option if you're not a tub person.

Also this makes it easier to roll in with a wheelchair for those persons needing this facility.

As always, its free to ask and we welcome your quote.


La Jolla Bathroom Remodeling - Part 1 of 3 - Jewel On A Hill

August 22nd, 2020
Posted By: Paul Murphy

La Jolla photo


So how about that heat wave, folks? Paul Murphy coming at ya, In this one of three part series we'll be talking about La Jolla, Spanish for "The Jewel", and my experiences doing bathroom remodels in this seaside town.

In my experience I have never seen such diversity in construction methods and styles as I have here. For example, you can make a small bathroom feel bigger or a large bathroom more cozy depending on your use of color, tile, well-selected vanities, lighting, mirrors, and shower walls.

I should note that we get a lot of business doing handicap conversions in La Jolla. A guard rail here, a shower nook there, anything and everything to keep the bending and reaching while you're showering or bathing down to a minimum.

So if you have a bathroom you want to touch up or remodel give me a call, I know my way around La Jolla.

Take care,


4S Ranch Bathroom Remodel - Staying Home Can Be Luxurious

April 15th, 2020
Posted By: Paul Murphy

4S Ranch photo

Yes, WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Paul Murphy here reminding all that we are open for business during this trying time. Staying home is a luxury until you're actually asked to do it, right?

A clean bathroom is a safer bathroom, and of course newer materials are easier to clean than others. Shower tile, floor tile, grout, manafactured tubs, all lose their protective coating with time and get harder and harder to clean, especially older single and double sink wood vanities.

Moisture does this degradation over time.

I was doing a job at 4S Ranch located between Rancho Bernardo and San Diego and the client indicated he was happy with his new home minus the bathroom. We took a look and gave him several options, and it turns out he had a standard tub he had trouble getting into and bathing in. We swiped it out for a new one with a larger square footprint and VOILA! Another satisifed customer.

We're taking extra health precautions during our installations and much of the paperwork and payments can be handled by phone and online, so give us a call and get some remodeling options for these extended home stays.


Rancho Bernardo Tub to Shower - Rolling Hills and a Winery
March 11th, 2020
Posted By: Paul Murphy

Rancho Bernardo photo

Hi folks! It's been a busy 2020 so far, thank you.

So I always think about beautiful homes and rolling hills when it comes to Rancho Bernardo.

Did you know there is a winery there? Yes, I just found out doing a job that it's the only one in the San Diego area and it's called the "Bernardo Winery."

Tub to Shower conversions are a hot topic. It can also help with quality of life for disabled and elderly, since you can roll into a shower with a wheelchair where as a tub you cannot. Add some stainless steel handlebars and you'll have a safer, more secure showering experience for years to come.


Encinitas Bathroom Remodel - A Tale of Two Lagoons
September 4th, 2019
Posted By: Paul Murphy

Encinitas photo

I was recently driving along the Interstate 5 and remembering bathroom remodels Ive done for clients in the Encinitas area. The city of Encinitas actually covers a large stretch of the San Diego coast, all the way from the Batiquitos to San Elijo Lagoons.

So if youre driving north along the Interstate 5 and have passed Del Mar chances are you're in Encinitas, which comprises Old Encinitas, New Encinitas, Olivenhein, Leucadia, and Cardiff (By The Sea).

The city of "Little Oaks" ("Encinitas" in Spanish) has been a treasure trove of homeowners upgrading 1970s and 1980s construction, with many bathroom arrangements taking advantage of views of the coast, Highway 101, the Coaster, and the two State Lagoons.

If you're in Encinitas please call me for a free quote on your bath remodel, I'm always up for a visit.


San Marcos Bathroom Remodel - A Growing Gem
July 9th, 2019
Posted By: Paul Murphy

San Marcos photo

Hi Folks, Paul Murphy back. Look out! I'm getting used to this blog stuff and may start posting regularly :-)

So we get a lot of San Marcos tub and shower remodels and they're straightforward jobs because the units are newer, so no salt corrosion like beach cities and the newer construction means we can get you fast, cheap pricing and get down to it.

For most owners the sky's the limit! Standing showers, handicap showers, If you can imagine it, we can remodel it.

Did you know San Marcos encompasses 4 zip codes? Yup, 92069, 92078, 92079, 92096. And San Marcos has a lake? I can prove it, photo attached.

Contact us for your San Marcos bathroom remodel, I know youre busy but we'll work with your schedule.


F O C U S    O N    S A N    D I E G O

Carlsbad Tub and Shower - Not just Flower Fields
June 28th, 2019
Posted By: Paul Murphy

Carlsbad photo

Hi Folks! Paul Murphy here. San Diego presents a first in a series of blogs.

It's known for Tamarack Surf Beach, LEGOLand, and secluded South Carlsbad State Beach. And yes, Flower Fields.


Many Carlsbad homes are 1980's or 1990's builds and have smaller-than-usual spaces for bathrooms. No problem! I can recommend tubs and showers with a smaller footprint.

Your bathroom remodel starts with a free quote.