Hello again friends! Paul Murphy's back with another blog post marking the end of an unusually long rain and winter season.

Fresh beginnings are a perfect time to remodel your bathroom and many of you may have an opportunity to use a tax refund for this occasion.

I recently had a client who needed to convert his bathroom to something more functional to aid his wife in bathing and we were more than happy to help. We call it a handicap or roll-in shower, but it is essentially removing the "curb" of a shower and gradually tilting the floor so that water drains with a minimum of spillover into the rest of the bathroom.

This allows for a wheelchair or other rolling seat to roll in and allow the user to bathe with a minimum of supervision.

We have done tons of these and if you're curious please give us a call, you'll be glad you did. As always, thanks for giving San Diego Bathrooms a chance to help.