Encinitas is a laid-back community on the North County coast. Surfers love Swamis, the beach in south Encinitas, while Moonlight Beach is also popular. Downtown Encinitas is a mixture of restaurants and eclectic stores. If you call Encinitas home and you would like a free estimate on your bathroom remodel, give us a call at Murphy's Bathroom Remodeling 858-375-3901.

Professionals and experts in Bathroom remodel services

San Diego Bathroom has built up a stellar reputation in terms of bathroom services, known for providing nothing but the best bathroom remodeling contractors for you. We are not only famous for your perfect attention to detail, but also because of our quick and prompt services. Our bathroom remodel contractors finish their jobs in a quick and efficient manner, so as to not give you any discomfort in your home.

Furthermore, we also provide a world class handicap bathroom remodel service. Be it a bathroom stall in a public place, or in the privacy of your own home, we ensure that the service we provide lasts you a lifetime. If you or someone you know is physically handicapped, we can help you with the perfect shower remodel, customized all the way to fulfill your needs.

Our remodeling programs for the physically handicapped include a tub to shower remodel, as those are more convenient and easier for you to use. Our handicap accessible shower works perfectly to adjust with all your needs, so that you do not experience any discomforts. In addition to a handicap shower, we can also customize and remodel your toilets, if you wish to hire us for this service.

We specialize in both complete remodeling of your bathroom, as well as a partial update. Oftentimes, people are just looking for a tile shower remodel service, as those tend to start looking dirty and worn out after just a few years. With our team of experts, who work just for your comfort, rest assured that you will get the perfect tile shower remodeling, something that you will fall in love with.

If you are looking to spend some moments of your day in perfect luxury and harmony, look no further. To get the best in bathroom products for yourself, contact us today!

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